Case Study - Village of Brightwaters

Executive Summary:

Investment in capital assets – roads, storm sewers, equipment, and other infrastructure – is essential to the Village of Brightwaters’ continued vibrancy and its quality of life. In recent years, the Village considered numerous capital improvement projects, major expenses, proposed business code and ordinance modifications, and a wide-range of other projects. However, no comprehensive assessment of such needs – and their potential cost -- has been conducted.

 The Village would benefit immeasurably from a five-year Capital Improvement Plan (VCIP), establishing a planned schedule of capital improvements. Identification of priority needs across the long-term is critical at a time of growing demands and limited resources. As a long-range plan, the VCIP would reflect the Village’s policy regarding future physical and economic development. It would also help the Village secure project funding through grants or loans.

The essential next steps toward creating a recommended VCIP include: Develop an accounting of the Village’s capital assets; analyze the condition of such assets; identify specific needs for investment over five-years; and, shape funding priorities to meet those needs.


To create the “Capital Improvement Projects Inventory,” Village of Brightwaters Department Managers, Staff, Engineering Consultant and Board of Trustees were interviewed to provide descriptions of current capital assets, the assets status for repair or replacement, as well as potential projects within the next two to four years.  The purpose of this document is to outline all potential capital projects, ranging from critical, to projects that would provide an improvement to quality of resident life, but not necessarily urgent.  Ultimately, it is up to the Brightwaters Mayor and Village Trustees to determine priorities for funding and completion.  Repair and replacement timelines and costs were estimated by past costs associated with assets, estimates from Village Staff, Engineer and vendors.  Each asset or project has a cost estimate for repair/replace and the associated expense line item it would be budgeted within (Village of Brightwaters Annual Expense Budget).

All proposed projects were identified and marked on a custom Google Map for an interactive presentation of the village’s projects and neighborhood locations of the projects.